A conference exploring the concept of the Web as a material

Reykjavík, Iceland

Material 2016 Kickstarter video

20+ years of the Web and we are still at the very beginning of understanding and implementing digitization.

For the first time we are facing a generation that never got to know the offline world. By nature they are riding the wave without ever having touched the ground.

We might unlearned our ancestors' knowledge about materials and crafts, it's easy to overlook the intrinsic characteristics of the Web in favour of the newest framework or boilerplate.

Let's re-explore the material Web and evaluate what we have learned so far. Join us in Reykjavik, Iceland for a trip through history, views and cultures.

For centuries we've worked with wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, textiles. More recently, new materials have emerged; plastics, fiberglass, silicon, and more. We understand their limitations, their affordances. We can fold, heat, manipulate and warp some of these materials. But the Internet and the Web are still very new to us. We don't fully understand them as a material.

What does this mean for the Web? What are the properties of the Web as a Material?

We have lost the Apprentice/Master relationship in the digital world. Spending years getting our hands dirty with an expert, learning slowly and really understanding the material rather than the framework. We need to be asking ourselves what sacrifices should we be making for the convinience of our customers rather than shortcuts for ourselves.

What properties of materialness exists in the Web is what this conference is meant to explore.


This is a very small conference, only around 60 attendees. Tickets are available now for $150 (~€140 EUR, £120 GBP).

Tickets are limited. Only $150. Get yours today!

Sitting around the fire
Join us for some stimulating conversation

Travel and accomodation

We started putting together a Foursquare list with lots of recommendations in downtown Reykjavík, including lodging opportunities. There are also plenty of nice AirBnbs around town, so please check them out as well.

We know that travelling to Iceland for a conference might sound like an adventure — and it is! — if you need any help or suggestions, just let us know.

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We are on the look-out for some great companies to help fund specific parts of the conference.

Coffee Sponsor: $2,500

Your sponsorship will pay for the morning and afternoon breaks in your name.

Lunch Sponsor: $2,500

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Video Sponsor: $5,000

We plan to record the conference, but with better funding we can be more professional, add more cameras and better post-production. Your name will be included in all the videos.

Gold Sponsor: $5,000

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